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Supporting an Active Lifestyle for Seniors through an innovative
App-based System for Fitness and Physiotherapy

The overall aim of SALSA is to support older adults (55+) with more physical activity and to support them in rehabilitation in case of health problems. To this end SALSA provides a platform to enable communities, organizations and clubs to promote group activities and events and to support coaches with a dedicated trainer portal (SALSA Fun). With SALSA Health, physiotherapists and their patients get a tele-rehabilitation tool with video exercises and exergames to support therapy in rehab centers, practices and at home.

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SALSA as platform for communities, organizations and clubs

SALSA addresses communities (municipalities, organizations and clubs) and helps them to create, promote and manage group activities for their older members (55+). The technical basis is an online platform for promoting physical activities and tools to manage these activities. SALSA also provides all the necessary know-how by offering courses and eLearning content to support trainers and to empower senior volunteers to carry out these group activities.

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