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Growing SALSA platform content

July 2020: OldStars is shooting SALSA content on senior friendly exercises. OldStars of the National Foundation for the Elderly is sharing existing video-clips on OldStars Walking football and is shooting new videos of exercises with the Athletic Skills Company for the SALSA project. In these video clips Athletic-Skills-Model-trainer Yordi Vermaat shares senior-friendly exercises that fit the OldStars vision. The exercises not only stimulate physical condition, but mental condition and social interactions within the group as well. In this way sport is used by OldStars as a tool to improve the quality of life of seniors and their social network.

Within the SALSA project video clips of exercises of OldStars Walking Football, OldStars Walking Hockey, OldStars Walking Handball and OldStars Tennis are shared, which will result in more than 60 short video-clips. As the exercises borrow movements from other types of sport to stimulate different forms of movement with seniors, these clips can be used as an inspiration for other senior-friendly sports as well. Because of COVID-19 regulations, video-clips on OldStars Walking Hockey will be focused on exercises that can be done within the Corona regulations, just like the previous shot OldStars Walking Football video clips. As most of the regulations have now been uplifted in the Netherlands, video-clips on OldStars Walking Handball and OldStars Tennis will focus on the "regular" way of exercising in OldStars to set a good example. These video-clips are expected to be recorded in July and September 2020.

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