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SALSA present at the European Online Week of Active & Healthy Ageing 2021!

This year, the European Online Week of Active & Healthy Ageing will be an online event, featuring many workshops and presentations from AAL projects. SALSA will be one of the projects hosting a workshop, in collaboration with the AAL project LEAVES ( The workshop will focus on developing service models for AAL services and technologies. Service models explain how end-users and other stakeholders interact with a technology (how they first learn of its existence, what they bring into the service, and what they get out of it). A service model is paramount for developing value propositions, patient journeys, and use cases. During the workshop, we will provide hands-on information on how to create service models with end-users and stakeholders, and provide illustrative examples from the SALSA and LEAVES projects. The workshop is scheduled for October 19, 10.00 to 11.00 CET. Stay tuned for more information!

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