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Supporting an Active Lifestyle for Seniors through an innovative App-based System for Fitness and Physiotherapy

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The overall aim of SALSA is to support older adults (55+) to engage in more physical activity and to maintain a more active lifestyle. To this end SALSA provides a platform to enable communities, organizations and clubs to promote activities and events and hence establish a supportive environment including peers, family, friends and volunteers. SALSA also addresses experts like physiotherapists and can be used as tele-rehabilitation tool.

SALSA as platform for communities and organizations

SALSA can be included in physical therapy programs of older adults with the supervision of a physical therapist. The system makes it easier and quicker for therapists to create a personalized exercise program and to hold group therapies. Social media features and group support are used to raise motivation and compliance. Exergames and exercise videos provide information and examples how to correctly perform the exercises. Also, SALSA uses sensors to monitor if the older adult is performing the exercises correctly and provide automated feedback to the user. The web-portal has a separate account for therapists, to provide quick overviews of patient performance. This information provides insights to better prepare for consults with older adults and facilitates continuous support.

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