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A unique network for creating a supportive environment that eliminates barriers for seniors to begin and sustain an active lifestyle.

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"Creating regional hubs of mobility!"

  • Therapists, the Elderly and the community form regional hubs of mobility

  • The Elderly and their communities are inspired by therapists to work out under supervision

  • Online single workout sessions are part of the game

  • Events and group trainings in real live are published in the Salsa Social Media Network


"Train the trainer to inspire the elderly and their communities to move!"

  • We serve e-learning content for trainers to build up their regional Move-Hub

  • We train the trainers how to involve local communities/governments/NGOs/Health Funds

  • We serve content, blogs and success stories in the Salsa Social Media Network to inspire regional hubs

  • We serve the therapists with "sensor and Mira and rusin equipment"

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SALSA is a unique tool for creating a supportive environment that eliminates barriers for seniors to begin and sustain an active lifestyle.

This is achieved by addressing barriers, that hinder elderly to exercise, making use of motivation theory, including experts and fostering socialization and group activities.

There are many factors that prevent elderly from exercising, however there are also many methods which involve improving self-determination, self-efficacy and setting goals that can help motivate elderly to exercise. The first step, when in doubt, is to consult the experts. Motivation to initiate and maintain exercise can be achieved through customizing (facilities) to seniors needs, being creative in cost-effective methods, providing exercise prescription that involves the seniors input and encouraging socialization during exercise.

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